Ji'an is located in the middle of Jiangxi province, the seat of well known Jinggangshan——the cradle of the Chinese revolution. It is formerly known as Luling and Jizhou. In the early years of Yuan Dynasty, it was named Ji'an, which means the state is auspicious and people live in peace, which is still in use today. Covering an area of 25,300 square kilometers and with a population of 4.7 million, Ji'an was established as city in May 2000. It now governs two districts, ten counties and one city (i.e. Jizhou District, Qingyuan District, Ji'an County, Xin'gan County, Yongfeng County, Xiajiang County, Jishui County, Taihe County, Wan'an County, Suichuan County, Anfu County, Yongxin County and Jinggangshan City).

The coming period is a stage of historical significance for Ji'an to accelerate its development. It conscientiously implements the scientific concept of development and strategic thinking of the construction of a socialist harmonious society. It firmly seizes the development opportunity, unshakably implements the main strategy of grand opening to establish closer links with Pan-Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas, aiming to promote deeper cooperation and exchanges in more fields and common prosperity and development.

The construction of transportation infrastructure will be accelerated to build a comprehensive regional transportation junction. Comprehensive energy development will be quickened to build an energy base. Urban construction of each central city area and towns and counties will be accelerated to form a group of highly urbanized cities in the middle of Jiangxi province featuring enterprise-friendly and livable cities with sound ecological environment.

Hu Shizhong, Party Secretary of Ji'an Municipal Committee of the CPC.
Wang Shaoxuan, Vice Party Secretary of Ji'an Municipal Committee of the CPC, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Ji'an Municipal Government, Mayor of Ji'an Municipal Government.
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